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Maintaining order is usually in the hands of the

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    7 декабря 2018 г. 10:41:03 MSK

    MADRID Dont'a Hightower Jersey , Sept 22 (Xinhua) -- Spanish Interior Minister, JuanIgnacio Zoido, informed on Friday that he is sending more membersof the Civil Guards and National Police force to help maintainpublic order in the week ahead of the Catalan independencereferendum scheduled for Oct. 1 and which the Spanish governmentand Constitutional Court insist is illegal.


    Maintaining order is usually in the hands of the Catalanregional police force (Mossos d'Esquadra) but Spanish law affordsthe possibility for Civil Guards and National Police to participate"if required by the Authorities of the Autonomous community or ifthe responsible state authorities consider it necessary."


    The Interior Ministry insists the police will be to watch publicspaces and maintain order and to act in case the referendum isheld."


    Meanwhile the Spanish State Prosecutor has denounced that theprotests of Sept. 20 and 21 following the arrest of 12 Catalangovernment officials in relation to their supposed part in orderingthe referendum amounts to "sedition."


    Several cars belonging to the Civil Guards had their tirespunctured, their windshields broken and were daubed with graffitias thousands of people protested against the detentions.


    The prosecutor's denouncement seeks charges against those who"incited James White Jersey , took part in or directed these actions," and also againstthe "existence of a concert of efforts among private or publicpeople and entities" in order to "impose the independencereferendum by force or intimidation." Enditem

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