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40 thousand of Chanel bags only sell for 20 thousand times?

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    3 декабря 2018 г. 9:07:28 MSK

    In addition, local Replica Chanel Bags Stores now have to queue up for half an hour to enter, and many items are cheap, such as the Chanel Classic Camera Handbag, which costs 185,000 lira, or about $2,877 (US $1, or 6.87 yuan, local bet), and the European Chanel website, which sells for $3,700, are bought in Turkey. It is equivalent to a 25% discount.

    Fake Discount Chanel Bags in China if it is about 40,000 words, here is only a little more than 20,000, much cheaper, originally cheaper than the domestic more than 10,000 things, this side will be nearly 20,000 yuan cheaper.

    Even some netizens in the circle of friends out of a Chanel counter shopping photos, one-time purchase of five Chanel chain bags. Netizens say the market price in China is around 190 thousand. His description of the screen is full of feeling, "many shops have been swept away, everyone on the basket to buy."

    It is reported that most of the tourists queuing up in the region are from Arab and Asian countries, and some are from Europe.

    It turned out that shortly after the collapse of lira, the major luxury brands moved out of emergency measures. Replica Louis Vuitton Bags Stores in Istanbul closed early, and the second day luxury goods immediately increased prices.

    "LV rose 25% and Hermes rose 20%, all more than lira's exchange rate declines. Replica Bvlgari Handbags also restricted one purchase to Chinese people. It is said that Chanel is going to go up. "

    For example, the classic keepall 50 in the LV Travel Bag series went up more than 50% from 6,800 lira to 10,300 lira!

    Local luxury stores have also imposed restrictions on purchases of only one bag for a passport, even telling consumers that "no bags" are available.

    Experts say the collapse of the Turkish lira, which is tied to the U.S. dollar in both Turkey and the renminbi, will do some good to people traveling to Turkey, but it's hard to say how much cheaper they can get because of the changing exchange rates and local shopping practices every day. Therefore, the local tourists must be rational consumption, the two is prudent investment in local real estate.